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Remember Me?
I thought today was to be my day,
I guess I was wrong to hope,
I think you forgot if I was important,
But do not worry for I will cope.
I was excited for it come,
To spend it all together,
But I guess all of it was not to be,
Although this may not play out forever
I'll get over this sadness,
I'm becoming used to this,
Loneliness is my best friend,
Pain of my heart is a soft little kiss.
I give this to you when I'm away,
Lying in my bed till noon,
Hoping this won't seem so pathetic,
I'm scared so show this so soon.
I never wanted you to know,
That I hate to be alone,
It kills me inside,
It's what I've never shown.
Although you're always there,
You stand at my side,
I'm still left in the dark,
My face it will hide.
I'm sorry for this,
It's not the best of times to say,
I love you right now,
Every night and day.
It will not fade,
Not when I want to stop,
I'll never put it away,
You're at my mountain top.
This is useless I think right now,
Will my words mean anything at all?
I want to tell
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Inside and Out
I see you,
A wee monster inside.
Just hiding and lurking,
Your hands behind you all tied.
You're that voice,
The one that calls within,
My inner self of hate,
My little continuous sin.
I hate what I've become,
I love you for what you are,
But I cannot stand this,
The pain I receive will scar.
I'm doomed to this demise,
Pain mixed with love inside,
Love lost to lust within,
My crying heart I hide.
I need someone here,
I want someone to hold,
Not someone to share,
That makes me feel so cold.
Leave me to be,
You lied to my face,
This is not love at all,
That's all locked in a case.
I do not know what to do,
That is the worst of it all,
I can do one then another,
But both will make me fall.
Give me some hope,
Just a pinch will do,
I just want out of this,
He loves that point too.
I'm drowning in this,
A dreadful three pointed knot,
It's slowly ripping me apart,
In its clutches I'm caught.
So what end comes close?
What retribution will I feel?
I want you close to me,
But your wounds you can
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They Do It
Those around you do not know,
all the pain of fears,
a denile I feel while I cry,
as I frequently leak these tears.
I bottle it up tight inside,
throw it down in a jumbled mess,
break it into very tiny shards,
so then I may feel less.
My emotions stir inside me,
because the pain and suffering I know,
bring the hurt across my heart,
as it slowly brings me sorrow.
It seems that they can't see,
see what they have always done,
turning away from open emotion,
just hiding so they can run.
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Polar Bear In A Snow Storm by Twerpette Polar Bear In A Snow Storm :icontwerpette:Twerpette 2 11 Ice Dragon In Progress by Twerpette Ice Dragon In Progress :icontwerpette:Twerpette 1 12
Life Time Flying
Turning forward close to night,
torn between what is there.
Wishing to go towards the light,
I shall not stand here forever.
Swinging high up in the sky,
feeling the sun's embrace.
I watch the birds wishing to fly,
I was once a disgrace.
Now the cage holds my wings,
a place held close to me.
A bird of life sits and sings,
telling a tale of a key.
Searching around to find a way,
some spot of which it can hide.
Finally it is found one day,
after everything that was tried.
The key fits in the lock,
slowly opening up the box.
But time is slowing in the tock,
and the chair of time begins its rocks.
A silken strand sewn to cloth,
existence woven through.
As fragile as the wing of a moth,
so little time of so few.
A coming prick to start a tale,
the picture formed of time.
The picture comes without a fail,
showing the future will be prime.
Now the wings reattach,
the former glory returned.
To fly away never catched,
and never be unturned.
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Tattoo by Twerpette Tattoo :icontwerpette:Twerpette 2 3 Love, It's Written On Us by Twerpette Love, It's Written On Us :icontwerpette:Twerpette 1 4 Me As I Am by Twerpette Me As I Am :icontwerpette:Twerpette 0 3 I Love U by Twerpette I Love U :icontwerpette:Twerpette 1 0
Crisis in the Path
Looking through a hole wrought with glass
Seeing in the distance of what to come…
I see you down the hall
Walking towards deaths arms
Forwards to backwards, flying up high
You don't know what you want.
What we've done (I see you now)
Comes to haunt us (wanting and seeing)
Coming towards us with hands of revenge
Ticking and tocking
Your time is running out
Converging crisis of things dried up.
Look over there
A burning pillar
See your face within the flames
See you burn and wither away (die die die)
See your ashes leave in the wind (the fire has you).
I see you down the hall
Walking towards deaths arms
Forwards to backwards, flying up high
You don't know what you want.
Fighting a faceless shadows
Looking somewhere for an escape (cant find anywhere)
Hiding in the light
Touch the sweet cold skin
Skeletal bones bleached white (blinding my eyes)
Death perched upon your grave.
Stitched upon your back are the wings of demise (you fly away in the night)
Lighting crawls over your grey skin
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Passing Through Time's Fate
I'm walking in your shoes
Past your grave and far beyond
I'm seeing nothing but you eyes
Filled in the gloom of NIGHT
Nothing ever seems the right way
Nothing is ever the way it should be
You're haunting each of my dreams
Past forming my future the birds seeing the path ahead
Your head is the wrong way
A bullet through your brain
You never knew what you did
You never knew how it felt
Now the strings on TIME
Nothing ever seems the right way
Nothing is ever the way it should be
You're haunting each of my dreams
Past forming my future the birds seeing the path ahead
Tonight the moon bleeds red
The stars kissed by death
The will be done
Nothing lasts forever
So leave me to DIE
Nothing ever seems the right way
Nothing is ever the way it should be
You're haunting each of my dreams
Past forming my future the birds seeing the path ahead (x2)
Nothing ever goes my way
So there is no path…
My heart is broken (x2)
My soul torn… (x2)
Now I can finally forget
And go to sleep
:icontwerpette:Twerpette 0 6
The life of nothing in my mind
What do to....everything falls apart, the trees become bone white and die. Life becomes hollow and has no meaning no more when it comes to perspectives. Our precognitive notions are taking over and re create our motives. Nothing matters anymore when your values have been taken. Your heart torn, ripped, stitched, then stollen and shown to everyone. These voices are spinning in my head and telling me things to do. Let me just end it! NO! THEY WONT! There's more things to do...but how to live without this. Let me just end it. I dig my nails into my temples, feeling my flesh give way, trying to get to my brain so see what i think. No more is there any sane thoughts....everything is going wrong. The lost within the given, the hurt in the loved. Forcing the life out as you push me away. I feel dead and washed out as i see the gods walk by me. The footsteps of the dead echo in each hallway around me. The blood seeping out of the blackened walls. The bodies are falling ontop of me and i cant g
:icontwerpette:Twerpette 0 4
What it feels like....
Retched little performing demons,
coming out to play.
Our blood runs deep and boils our bones,
then in the morning light we die when it's day.
Forever more we will kill them enjoying it throughout the day,
we'll just continue killing until we reach our toll.
Then we'll chop and slice and skewer them,
take away their hearts so they wont have a soul.
It's near the end, i hear their screams,
what on earth will i do.
The dead come back without their eyes,
then massacre away as if on cue.
It's gonna become a deadly blood bath,
but we will prevail in the end.
We'll choose our way but it's the other one,
then our values will never mend.
You're dead in my eyes,
no more will i ever care.
You made my skies turn grey,
nothing you ever did was fair.
So come now and do your best,
it doesn't matter anymore.
Destroying this is all i want,
then tonight i'll feast on your gore.
I feel the fire in my veins,
my hatred runs very deep.
Soon my nightmares will be no more,
and then i can finally sleep.
You a
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Final of Female Glaedr by Twerpette Final of Female Glaedr :icontwerpette:Twerpette 7 36 2nd Part of Female Glaedr by Twerpette 2nd Part of Female Glaedr :icontwerpette:Twerpette 7 19


Sonozaki Twins by KL-chan Sonozaki Twins :iconkl-chan:KL-chan 5,113 354 Commission: Science.PNG by ZuTheSkunk Commission: Science.PNG :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk 1,449 128 Twilight Sparkle by Indiron Twilight Sparkle :iconindiron:Indiron 7,758 752 Summer dragon by AlviaAlcedo Summer dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,782 165 Dragon of Northern Lights - tattoo design by AlviaAlcedo Dragon of Northern Lights - tattoo design :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 9,724 746 Toxic Hazard by PYOO-kee-pony Toxic Hazard :iconpyoo-kee-pony:PYOO-kee-pony 204 39 Khaleesi by Karamissa Khaleesi :iconkaramissa:Karamissa 166 103 Khaleesi by Zephyri Khaleesi :iconzephyri:Zephyri 1,289 144 Harbinger by JenniferHealy Harbinger :iconjenniferhealy:JenniferHealy 4,187 115 Greetings from Venice by AljoschaThielen Greetings from Venice :iconaljoschathielen:AljoschaThielen 3,539 315 Fleeting by shilin Fleeting :iconshilin:shilin 11,289 201 Glowing Path by Radittz Glowing Path :iconradittz:Radittz 7,469 216 Never Give Up Scootaloo Graffiti by ShinodaGE Never Give Up Scootaloo Graffiti :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 1,735 185 First contact by ZoranPhoto First contact :iconzoranphoto:ZoranPhoto 4,289 259 Miniature Strawberry Sundae by fairchildart Miniature Strawberry Sundae :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 2,574 346




The Wolf Girl Demon Zoec

It's what keeps us together

It's what I hold one to....

To get through the day

Favourite genre of music: Whatever my mood is
Favourite photographer: All talented people
Favourite style of art: Awesomeness
MP3 player of choice: Ipod....duh
Personal Quote: "Why so serious?"
I finally found my sketch I can finish that darn dragon and work on my pheonix and on other shtuff. Phew. Also...workin on zat story I did. Mwuhahaha, first chap almost done >:E

Alsooooo, I'm waiting for a freaking phone call from someone in New York >.< I think they either forgot to call me, or they haven't gotten any news yet. Grrrr. Hmm, in an hour and a half I get to go driving (yaaay, not)
-__- I was supposed to do my test around a month ago, but the stupid driving school messed it up. So, I have to do another lesson, and another test and BAH HUMBUG.

My pathetic rant for the day, is over.

P.S: I am sooo tired!

P.P.S: Ebonyclokk...give me my plate back....
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